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Find Red Light Therapy Near Me - For Facial Treatments

Check your local day spa or medical spa. Ask for red light therapy, LED light therapy, or an LED photofacial.

For Whole Body Treatments - Red Light Therapy Beds

If you want to treat your whole body, then you need a red light therapy bed. To find a red light therapy bed near you, call your local:

  • medical spa
  • day spa
  • gym (Planet Fitness was an early adopter.)

Ask for a "red light therapy bed." Some of them are calling it "pink light therapy." Ask what the peak wavelengths are. If they are 620nm or above, that's red light therapy. However, if FDA approval is important to you, make sure to ask about that specifically. Some beds are FDA approved, many are not.

For Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy

If you need red light therapy to recover from an accident or injury, and you want a professional to administer the treatments, then a chiropractor or physical therapist might have the equipment. Call and ask for "photobiomodulation." (That is what doctors call red / near infrared light therapy.) They might also still refer to it as "LLLT."

For Wound Care

When it comes to wound care, you'll have to search for "LLLT" or "photobiomodulation [your city, state, country]" and see what comes up. You could also try calling a local naturopathic physician or chiropractor and see if they know of anyone doing the therapy locally. The only one I know of training professionals in wound care is ThorLaser. Contact them and ask if they have a trained practitioner near you.

For Serious Medical Issues - Clinical Trials

You might have heard that red / near infrared light therapy can be used for some very serious things like TBI, stroke, nerve regeneration, or something else. Those types of things are still in the research stages. Contact ThorLaser and ask what the status of the research is, if there are any clinical trials going on you could participate in, or if there are any doctors or hospitals globally doing the therapy you need.

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